Waznat was founded in November of 2001, with the vision, that it should become a unique firm that is concerned in the development of and in educational institutions. Samir Costantine, the founder had a dream and it was big: His plan was to contribute to the development of school systems, the training and development of human resources and the counseling of students, mainly in career counseling. The dream became reality and Waznat wrote an outstanding success story. Today, more than 12 years later, Waznat is a pioneering institution, which offers unequaled opportunities. During the current academic year, Waznat is serving more than 80 schools through career guidance, training and consultancy. In the same time, Waznat is also developing full-fledged training programs and system building in schools, colleges, NGOs and private companies.

Quote of the Month

  • "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

    Nelson Mandela