What is the best university major?

There is no "best" university major in general. The best university major is the one that suits you best. It should be a field, in which you are really interested in, for which you have a passion for.

What is the major that brings me the best income? Is it possible to study the university major, for which I have a passion for?

It is not only possible but also highly preferable, if you study a major, which you are really interested in. Your passion and curiosity will make you pass the difficult exams and will also make you an outstanding student.

Is there anybody who can help me decide on my university major?

A career counselor from WAZNAT can help you decide your university major according to your personality, strengths, skills and talents. An individual meeting with a counselor will help you recognize your choices.

What is the best university in Lebanon?

There is no "best" university. The majority of the operating universities in Lebanon offer very good programs. The most important thing is that the university you choose is accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Education.

What should I consider, when it comes to choosing a university?

You should like the atmosphere in the university and you should be able to cover the tuition fees, without taking loans. Another important thing is that the university is close to your house. If the university is very far away, you should consider taking a dorm.

How can I make sure, the university I choose is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education?

The accreditation by the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education is an essential feature, when it comes to choosing a university. You should check their website to see, if the university and major you are planning to choose is accredited by the Lebanese government. Click here to visit their website.

What should I do if I want to study outside Lebanon?

It depends, where you want to study. The first step is to contact the embassy [link to the useful links page] of the country you are planning to go to. The university you're applying to will also give you some information about the needed procedures. You need to know that studying abroad costs a lot of money and these embassies have different types of scholarships that you can apply for. High grades at school will help you to get accepted. There are certain tests that you will need to do later on like SATs and TOEFL for the States and certain tests for France (you have to apply "dossier blanc" for France). Usually these applications and tests are done in grades 11 and 12 (Premieres and Terminales).

Is it better to study abroad, in a non-Lebanese university, rather than to consider a university in Lebanon?

The Lebanese universities are known for their high academic standards which are not any less than the international universities. WAZNAT encourages all students to follow a bachelor program in Lebanon If one day , you feel like having your Master's degree from abroad, why not for little international flavor? In any case we advise the students who want to travel to the USA to touch base with AMIDEAST, and those traveling to France to contact the IF. They are the best institutions in Lebanon with the biggest data base. They can be of great help.

Does the university I will study in guarantee me a job after I graduate?

No university in Lebanon or outside Lebanon will guarantee you a job, after you graduate. You are the one, who's responsible for finding a job you can start in. Some universities have offices, where they help the students to create a CV and how to apply for a job.

I'm confused between two university majors. What should I do?

Most students, especially in their Grade 12 (Terminales) year, are lost between two or more majors. Calm down, there's nothing to worry about. You should research the Internet and talk to professionals in the field to get as much information as possible about each career. Talk to a WAZNAT Career Counselor, who also will be able to help you.

What are the tools I can use to learn about a certain career or profession?

You should do research on the Internet a watch videos about it on YouTube. You can also talk to professionals, who work in this career. Also try to accompany a professional for a day, to see, how a day in this career would actually be like.

I like to be a professional football player (or basketball player). What should I do?

There is no sports scholarship in Lebanon like in Europe or the U.S. There is a National Football team. There are universities such as AUB and LAU who have football teams but they are not classified as rank 1. If it doesn't work out you still have the chance to study Physical Education. Many universities give this major and it leads to a work related to sports.

My dream is to become a pilot. How can I become a pilot in Lebanon?

The only way to become a pilot in Lebanon is to apply to the MEA (Middle East Airlines). You should get enrolled in the first year in any scientific major. You can study for example Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or Biology. While you're still in the first year, you can apply to MEA. MEA has an Affiliation with an aviation school in Spain. Outside Lebanon you have many other choices. Check the link to the Aviation School in Dubai (from Emirates Airlines). Many students are interested in becoming a pilot. Chances in Lebanon are a bit limited but you can still try to get enrolled in this program. A pilot is someone with a scientific mind who is able to fully concentrate for a long period of time and able to work within a multi-cultural team.

I am in Socio-Economics class but would like to study a major related to sciences. Is this possible?

There is no law in Lebanon, which says the student cannot choose the major he wants to study, no matter, from which branch he/she graduated in the Lebanese Baccalaureat. (either scientific LS, GS or literature SE or LH) but the branches are there to help the student to choose a direction for his life early on. So, it's more difficult, when the student for example was in the SE branch and wants to study medicine. It depends on the university, which accepts the student (usually the Lebanese University doesn't accept the student). The student should also study the courses, which he didn't take in Grade 12 because he was in another branch. The knowledge and understanding of this material is very essential.